Hospital HTM/SHTM standards

Hospital HTM/SHTM standards

How does the Medicare system conform to HTM specifications?

  • For HDU we supply a specific single blue button unit
  • Panels are colour-coded to meet HTM guidelines
  • Calls tones are as per their HTM specifications
  • Lights are colour coded in line with HTM guidance.

Do Medicare’s systems meet relevant Approvals and Directives?

Yes. Medicare’s equipment meets all requirements and carries the CE mark of approval.
· R & TTE Directive and relevant sub Directives
· Low voltage and Safety Directive
· Safety Standards
· ROHS Compliant
· HTM Standards

How long will it take to install and is there much disruption for residents and staff?

Most of our nurse call systems are installed within one day. As there are no wires, there is minimal disruption for either residents or staff.