Where can Medicare systems be located in hospitals?

Medicare Nursecall systems can be used in many locations within the hospital environment, from wards and recovery rooms to waiting areas, toilets and consulting rooms.

Can pendant call buttons be changed?

Pendants are built for a single call button to make nurse call alerts easy, whatever hospital situation. This button can be programmed to either call, assistance or emergency to match the situation pendants are used around the ward.

Can you guarantee uptime?

Estates departments use our back up Nursecall system package, which can instantly replace any faulty system and keep wards operating with minimal down-time in the event something goes wrong.

Can Wireless Nursecall systems interfere with other equipment?

Medicare’s radio nurse call system has been installed in many nursing homes. The system has been subjected to thorough emissions testing and is proven safe to use with absolutely no interference to other equipment

Are the HTM Series units robust?

Medicare HTM series call points are housed in tough but elegant enclosures, which are built in the UK specifically to withstand the tough and ongoing usage environments hospitals create.