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Wireless Nurse Call Systems

HTM compatible Nurse Call Systems – the choice of the professional

As experts in the field of wireless nurse call systems, Medicare Systems offers a professional service from initial consultation through to installation and after-sales support. All Medicare’s Nurse Call systems, products and Nurse Call accessories are built to meet the exacting demands of hospitals and care homes.

Hospital System

The HTM6500E Wireless Nurse Call System is complete with an Emergency or Cardiac pull switch. The system can be surface mounted or flush mounted onto a standard 2-gang electrical back box within the trunking.

The System is easy to install, durable, cost-effective and versatile in any Hospital Ward, Theatre, or Unit. The nurse call system’s over door and ‘follow me’ lights all come with optional sounders built-in. Online training videos make it easy to maintain the system for estates and facilities teams, reducing the cost of engineers and call-outs.

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Breakout System

Perfect for Hospitals. Keep your wards open! The Wireless Breakout System is a quick-and-easy to set up, out-of-the-box, nurse call solution designed to cover your systems when they break down. Be it to cover a toilet, bathroom, bed, HDU, CCU, or wards. The pre-programmed HTM08-03 compatible system can be put in place within 10 minutes by your engineers and maintenance team and can be stored for next time when not in use. When a complete system failure occurs it can be both costly and time-consuming to get a system back up and running. Having a breakout system on standby can reduce both issues. The nurse call system is programmed with pre-determined descriptions to meet most environments and areas within the hospital such as “Bed 1” or “Ward A – Bed 1”. All call points can be coded using our online training videos or manual provided.

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Standard System

The HTM6500S system is a robust and easy to use nurse call system which enables end users to call for help or assistance. The system is wireless and consists of display panels, call points, and other alarms to meet your requirements. The benefit of the HTM6500S nurse call system is that it can be designed and built to meet your specific requirements including many different scenarios. A further benefit is that the call points have two sockets built into the bottom of each unit to provide connection for assistive technology, be it a floor mat or PIR sensor. It is also simple to add door alarms to the system.

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Staff ID System

The HTM6500iB system is a nurse call system that provides specific data to meet CQC standards and allows the monitoring of care, whilst fundamentally providing an alarm system to raise an alarm for help and assistance when required. The HTM6500iB system provides versatility and many other options.

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