Standard System

The HTM6500S system is a robust and easy to use nurse call system which enables end users to call for help or assistance. The system is wireless and consists of display panels, call points, and other alarms to meet your requirements. The benefits of the HTM6500S system is that it can be designed and built to meet your own requirements including many different scenarios, one of the benefits is that the call points have two sockets built into the bottom of the unit to provide a connection for assistive technology be it a floor mat or pir sensor. If the demand for an alarm to be added when a door is opened the HTM6500S system can accommodate this by adding a door alarm to the system.

One of our customers had an issue with residents walking with purpose at night so we added door alarms and pressure mats to their htm6500S system, these devices were set up so that they only activated the staff pagers as to not to wake up the sleeping residents. Because we could provide and install suitable equipment to raise and alarm but also be sympathetic to people sleeping the issue was soon brought under control.