Breakout System

Perfect for Hospitals. Keep your wards open. The Wireless Breakout System is a quick and easy to set up, out of the box solution, designed to cover your systems when they break and meet any hospital needs. Be it to cover a toilet, bathroom, bed, HDU, CCU or wards. The pre-programmed HTM08-03 compatible system can be put in place within 10 minutes by your engineers and Maintenance team and store for next time when not in use. When a complete system failure occurs it can be both costly and timely to get a system back up and running, having a breakout system on standby can reduce both issues. The system is programmed with pre-determined descriptions to meet most environments and areas within the hospital such as “Bed 1” or “Ward A - Bed 1”. All call points can be coded using our online training videos or manual provided.

A London Hospital Wards Nurse call system failed at 5:30 on a Friday. They needed a quick fix to resolve the issue and be compliant over the weekend. Thanks to our breakout system, they had their ward up and running again within the hour, reducing the disruption the previous failed system caused.