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Medicare Pager App

The Medicare system goes mobile!

The Medicare pager app is a smart way to improve efficiency within your home, the alerting can be set to either an audible tone, speech, or silent within a quiet system. The app’s display provides both an attractive coloured banner per event and within a fully descriptive text field providing easy identification of the source of alarm.

All the different call types that are within the nurse call system are also provided in the app , ensuring you know what type of call is active be it a Call, Assistance, Emergency, Accessory, including Attendance to enable you to know where your staff are.

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Medicare Pager AppMedicare Pager App

Compatible Systems

  • Instant Support System
  • Staff ID System
  • Breakout System
  • Hospital System
  • iButton System
  • Standard System

Technical Information

Operating System

Minimum requirement: Android 5.1 – Android 8.0+ recommended


Minimum 1Gb RAM, Optional 4G data connection to support cloud messaging

File size



batter usage also depends on other apps running on the device concurrently, Battery usage depends on the amount of calls active on the system


Instant Support System, Staff ID System, Breakout System, Hospital System, iButton System, Standard System