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10 Inch Display Panel

Medicare display screens are simple, aesthetic and feature a user-friendly touch screen interface as standard.

Medicare’s 10 inch display panels include; colour backlit screen, numeric or alphanumeric display option. Optional functions include: location map setting, sounder, user-editable information, call accept, zoning, function buttons and call logging.

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Compatible Systems

  • Instant Support System
  • Staff ID System
  • Breakout System
  • Hospital System
  • Standard System

Technical Information

Dimensions240 × 340 × 50 mm

10 inch colour backlit screen, HTM compliant screen colours, Large font clear text display, Option of numeric or alphanumeric display, Wide angle viewing

Function buttons

Calls Waiting – to scroll through waiting call list, Control buttons on touch screen, Map – to display call location, Notes – to display resident notes, Volume adjust up/down/mute


EMC, Low voltage safety directives, RED


Instant Support System, Staff ID System, Breakout System, Hospital System, Standard System


Built in battery back up, Non-switched socket outlet 230v a.c

Important Information

Comes with flat wall bracket, other brackets such as a desktop bracket are available.