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Staff ID System

The HTM6500iB system is a nurse call system that provides specific data to meet CQC standards and allows the monitoring of care, whilst fundamentally providing an alarm system to raise an alarm for help and assistance when required. The HTM6500iB system provides versatility and many other options.

The system benefits from being addressable, so not only recording response times it can also record the staff member who has attended to help and provide care or assistance. Like the HTM6500S nurse call system, call points have two sockets providing connections for both a pear push lead and assistive technology should it be required.

One of our clients had the problem of proving that care was being provided as the patient suffered from memory loss and often said that they were left alone for hours on end. The HTM6500iB system helped document and record the amount of care given providing evidence of nightly visits and attendance times whilst providing care.

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