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Paging Systems for Hospitals

A cost effective, reliable and scalable communications system for NHS and private hospitals.

Effective staff notifications built for the busiest wards.

Medicare System’s nurse call paging unit is a cost effective solution designed to seamlessly connect patient’s needs with the nurses/ doctors required to provide the necessary care.

All calls from the central nurse call display and e-logging system can be relayed to pagers, ensuring that care staff are aware of calls even when they are not within earshot of a display panel 24 hours a day.

Nurse call pagers can be programmed to receive specific events such as emergency calls or night calls, ideal for more senior staff or those who only need to respond in emergencies. Heavy duty covers can also be provided to provide extra water and shock resistance.

Used in conjunction with our pager terminal, typed messages can be sent to individual or all pagers. This is ideal for contacting staff without having to waste time finding them and becomes a full nurse call messaging system.

Important Information 
  • Standard battery or rechargeable models
  • Messages can be sent via call logging PC
  • Enhances staff communication
  • Protective covers available
  • Belt-clip and holster options
  • Tone and vibrate options