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7 inch Display Panel for Hospitals

7" displays are ideal for hallways and main through-fares.

7” nurse call display units with the latest 24/7 rated touchscreen technology

Medicare nurse call display panels offer a multitude of options designed to be unobtrusive for patients and ward staff alike.

The compact 7” HTM model allows for easy installation as either wall mounted or more mobile units fixed using a swivel bracket. This flexibility allows these compact units to be used in various locations like corridors and ward entrances, depending on the set-up requirements of the hospital.

The display’s high visibility screen enables multiple calls to be viewed on the same display.

There are many additional data options, and for larger hospital environments floor plans can be displayed on the screen to pin point the exact nurse call location.

7 inch Display Panel - Technical Information

Call notes 'Note' button will show if notes have been entered for a specific resident
Location maps » 'Map' button will light for accepted calls with associated maps. Tap Map button to view the location of each call on the relevant floor plan
» Colour coded location markers flash for call types
Sounder HTM compliant sounds
Zoning » Up to 99 zones
» Text addresses for zones (DL)
» Call escalation
» Zone priority option
Function buttons » Control buttons on touch screen
» Volume adjust Day/Night settings
» Mute
» Calls Waiting - to scroll though waiting call list*
» Map - to display call location
» Notes - resident/patient notes
» Menu - to access advanced functions

*Auto scroll option available. The display will cycle through the first four calls waiting

Client edit » User editable details (DL)
» Resident's name,
» Set reminders and add/edit notes
» Switch Day/Night mode
Call accept » The accept feature shows that a member of staff has selected the call to attend
» Tap or mouse click on selected call will accept the call
Available frequencies

» 173 MHz
» 433 MHz

Note. Advanced features may not be available on some frequencies - please ask for details.

Please call our free phone number 0800 849 5123 or Contact us for more information.

Important Information 

All Display Panels Provide:

  • Mapping facilities
  • Medication reminders
  • Staff attendance logs
  • Built-in call history
  • Call acceptance
  • Day/Night modes
  • Variety of call tones

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