Antimicrobial additives to help maintain infection control.

Low power, wireless technology, easily configured to your requirements.

Free comprehensive training and a 24 hour technical support line.

Plug and play technology, making our system versatile, flexible and easy to use.

NEW iButton for staff attendance and identification.


Please click on any of the below user manuals to view or download. If you need any other technical help please call 0800 8495123.

  • A Simple User Guide Room Unit

  • A Simple User Guide for HTM 6500S Room Unit

  • A Simple User Guide for HTM 6500iB Room Unit

  • HTM 6000 Series Complete User Guide

  • HTM 6500 Operation & Maintenance Manual

  • User guide for a MED24 bed weight sensor.

  • User guide for MED22 PIR detector.

  • User guide for a MED32 or MED31 air monitored mat.