Companion Epilepsy Detection Unit

The MED12 package comes with the relevant leads, a movement detection sensor and an enuresis / incontinence detection sheet.

It is used by many professional care, respite and educational facilities because of its highly adaptable operation. The companion epilepsy detection unit can monitor bed movement, sound, incontinence, vomiting and bed vacation. The MED12 package comes complete with the relevant leads to connect to either the Medicare HTM6001 Pear push unit or any of the HTM6500 series nurse call points. Also included is a detection sensor for movement which has the capability of supporting those with tonic only (rigid) seizures. The MED12 also comes with a standard cotton enuresis / incontinence detection sheet which can be washed at normal temperatures after the connecting cables are disconnected. The sheet goes over the mattress and the controller plugs into the nurse call point to raise an alarm in the event of an activation.

Important Information 

The standard cotton enuresis sheet lasts up to 60 washes.