Antimicrobial additives to help maintain infection control.

Low power, wireless technology, easily configured to your requirements.

Free comprehensive training and a 24 hour technical support line.

Plug and play technology, making our system versatile, flexible and easy to use.

NEW iButton for staff attendance and identification.

Room Units for Care Homes

Wireless nurse room units created by the industry leaders.

The new Nursecall+ range for care homes provides the very latest technology for the care industry. Both the HTM 6500iB and HTM 6500s model is supplied with a pull cord as standard and two sockets for connecting accessories such as pressure mats, epilepsy detectors, PIR triggers, specialised switches and many more. The HTM 6500iB model offers the iButton, the most cost effective feature offering staff attendance and identification.

Compare Medicare Systems’ call points to any other and the quality is immediately apparent. Each nurse call point is housed in unique, elegant enclosures for maximum visibility and ease of use. In busy care homes, call points are often subjected to food and drink spillages as well as other contaminants, all enclosures and labels are embedded with anti-microbial additives to help maintain infection control standards.

In busy care homes, call points are often subjected to food and drink spillages as well as other contaminants. Rather than using traditional nurse call buttons that become stuck and damaged, we use a wipe clean label with a Microban® anti-bacterial coating. If anything is spilled onto the call point, care home staff can simply wipe them clean.

If the call point label is damaged it can easily be replaced in seconds, leaving it looking as good as new. Labels have a luminescent coating making it easily visible in the dark and a Microban® anti-bacterial coating, they are also ‘wipe clean’ and easily replaced.

There are also a number of programmable features which can be customised for each nursing or care home. This means that however your care home operates, Medicare can create the perfect nurse call system that gives your staff and resident’s convenience and peace of mind.

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Important Information 

• Staff attendance and identification
• Anti-microbial additives
• Versatile, flexible and easy to use
• Low power wireless technology
• Comprehensive training