HTM complaint nurse call systems specifically designed for a hospital environment.

Industry led, landscape design for fitting within bedhead trunking.

Antimicrobial additives to help maintain infection control.

Low power, wireless technology, easily configured to your requirements

NEW cardiac unit for high dependency situations.

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HTM Pear Push Lead

The HTM-standard companion for all hospital nurse call points.

Pear push leads are built with wards and patients in mind.

The pear push lead for the Medicare HTM range nurse call system is available in two models, the HTM 6017 (single button) and the HTM 6018 (two button).

Its features include a built in reassurance light and luminescent label for easy identification and visibility even during the night time to avoid disturbing other patients. Additionally the HTM 6018’s second button enables patients to control the bedside light to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

A pillow clip allows the lead to be attached to bed linen or clothing, so it can be easily accessed by patients with reduced movement and mobility. Cables can be sized according to the context and needs of the location.

Medicare pear push leads are also compatible with other manufacturers systems, so you can take advantage of this innovative solution without the need for a full upgrade.