Medicare Systems – Our Response to Novel Coronavirus (covid-19)

April 15th, 2020

COVID-19 - Emergency Support and Annual Servicing Arrangements

As you will know, a range of restrictions and measures have been put in place to help protect us all against the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst we are able to continue to offer emergency call outs, should it be necessary, and of course continue to provide round the clock telephone support we will make every effort to address any issues remotely. We regret, however, that routine annual on-site maintenance and servicing is not regarded as ‘essential work’ under the Governments exception policy and we cannot currently arrange appointments to undertake this work at this time. We hope that you will agree that this is the correct course of action in the current circumstances and thank you for your understanding.

March 18th, 2020

Here at Medicare Systems, we are closely monitoring the continuing development of the COVID-19 outbreak, not only in the UK, but as a global business, also across the world in countries that have already been experiencing the ramifications further into the lifecycle of the virus spreading.
We believe it is important to take a responsible stance in helping to contain the virus and will continue to seek advice from Public Health England and the World Health Organisation to enable us to inform our team as to best practice in the work environment and contact with our clients, professional contacts and suppliers.
Our staff at Medicare Systems are already equipped with the ability to work from home should we feel it appropriate to limit the need to attend our offices or in more extreme cases, self-isolation. Public Health England advice suggests, the majority of the working population that might become infected with the virus would be required to self-isolate for 7-14 days, but would only face mild flu like symptoms for 1 or 2 days.
Whilst that is reassuring we are acutely aware that the vast majority of our customers provide extensive care to those in our society who are likely to be the most vulnerable to the negative consequences of this disease. All of our efforts now therefore have been orientated towards providing every support we can to those in need whether they be current customers or new.
Currently we have been able to maintain our most important supply chains and the vast majority of our stock is being regularly replenished with the support of those we depend upon as a business. It is worth keeping in mind that all of our handheld equipment benefits from an anti-microbial additive. Subject to the evolving government guidelines on good practice where practicable we will continue to provide face to face engineering support if required but we have also extended our remote support capability available by telephone and on-line. In addition we are able to supply replacement equipment by a combination of courier (whilst those services remain) and our engineering staff if available. In many cases it will be possible to configure equipment before delivery thus enabling deliveries to be made without the need for direct contact.
We know that many hospitals and other locations, responding to the need for additional facilities, may need to put in place nursecall equipment urgently and we will endeavour to respond to requests for support in this way without delay. Our National Sales Manager David Thomas (01202 914916) should be your first port of call in these circumstances and he is ready to discuss a range of options to suit your requirements.
We are also equipped to enable our staff to continue to provide client services via conference calling, video calling and document collaboration.