Frequently Asked Questions - Displays and E-Logging

Can we display specific information related to the call location?

Displays can be easily programmed to show just a room number or more detailed individual information specific to your needs.

Where are display units best installed?

Medicare’s display screens can be wall or desk mounted and depending on the space available come in 7” or 15”. The larger 15" display units are generally used in reception areas and areas staff are more permanently present.

7" displays were designed to be used in high traffic walk ways and other areas to ensure a good coverage of display points.

How do Medicare systems enable us to monitor call response rates?

Medicare’s call logging system has been designed to be simple to operate yet provides all the information that you need, enabling you to monitor, record and print reports on all calls and responses.

Why do you offer 7” and 15” display panels?

Smaller 7” displays are ideal for corridors and hallways, while 15” displays are better suited for more central locations.

Is it possible to access e-logging data remotely?

Our technical team can set up call logging for viewing over a network or remotely as necessary, depending on the specific reporting needs of the managers and auditing personnel who need access to the data.

How accessible is the call logging?

Medicare's e-Logging allows all call data to be analysed on any computer or mobile device.

Are the display panels user friendly?

Display panels use the latest touch-screen technology, which makes it easier to quickly select the features needed. 7" and 15" versions are available to make display information useful in various locations around a site.