Frequently Asked Questions - Nursecall System and Product Information

Can accessory devices be plugged in to the call points

Bedroom units include two sockets, one for the pear-push lead and a second for auxiliary items.

How does Medicare’s equipment contribute to infection control?

Luminescent labels for both the call point and pear-push leads (handset) have Microban© embedded , so the most well-used part of the devices provide protection against bacteria.

What are pear push leads used for?

Pear push leads are sealed and extendable lead has an easy touch button ideal for residents with limited movement or strength. They come in a single-button version for patient calls, and a two-button version that operates the patient’s bedside light.

Are door contacts made for interior or exterior use?

Both. This neat, slimline unit provides door security inside and outside of buildings, depending on the setup you are looking for and your access plans.

How easy are the call buttons to use for people with poor eyesight?

Raised call buttons have been specifically used to assist patients with poor eyesight and enable them to locate the nurse call button effectively.

How do the Call Point Pear Push leads enable mobility around the care home?

Coiled, white, telephone-style leads easily extends and retracts to enable people to move around with a call point. They can also be made in various lengths to suit your requirements.

How easily can people trigger the Nursecall system?

Pear push leads feature luminescent labels for easy identification at night, and a pillow clip that allows the lead to be attached to bed linen or clothing for easy access.

Are Medicare Systems Call Point units robust?

Our call points are housed in unique, elegant enclosures made in the UK and built to withstand the toughest care environments.

Can we display specific information related to the call location?

Displays can be easily programmed to show just a room number or more detailed individual information specific to your needs.

Where are display units best installed?

Medicare’s display screens can be wall or desk mounted and depending on the space available come in 7” or 15”. The larger 15" display units are generally used in reception areas and areas staff are more permanently present.

7" displays were designed to be used in high traffic walk ways and other areas to ensure a good coverage of display points.

How do Medicare systems enable us to monitor call response rates?

Medicare’s call logging system has been designed to be simple to operate yet provides all the information that you need, enabling you to monitor, record and print reports on all calls and responses.

Why do you offer 7” and 15” display panels?

Smaller 7” displays are ideal for corridors and hallways, while 15” displays are better suited for more central locations.

Is it possible to access e-logging data remotely?

Our technical team can set up call logging for viewing over a network or remotely as necessary, depending on the specific reporting needs of the managers and auditing personnel who need access to the data.

How accessible is the call logging?

Medicare's e-Logging allows all call data to be analysed on any computer or mobile device.

Are the display panels user friendly?

Display panels use the latest touch-screen technology, which makes it easier to quickly select the features needed. 7" and 15" versions are available to make display information useful in various locations around a site.

Do Medicare’s wireless Nursecall systems allow people to move around outside?

Mobility is one of the key benefits of a wireless Nursecall system. Pendants have been built with portability in mind. With an easy push button and built in reset it is ideal for vulnerable residents or those in garden locations.

Where are calls from the room units displayed?

Room units send wireless signals to both display panels and pagers to alert staff who are located anywhere in the facility

Can the wireless radio signals from Medicare's Nursecall system interfere with other wireless equipment?

Medicare’s radio nurse call system has been installed in many nursing homes. The system has been subjected to thorough emissions testing and is proven safe to use with absolutely no interference to other equipment

What is the wireless range of the system?

In free air the signal can travel up to 1km. By using signal boosting equipment we can provide full coverage for any size care facility, even care villages and large hospitals.

Our patients have specific physical disabilities- can Medicare Systems help support and provide a usable solution?

We can supply many accessories that interface with the call system and our own in-house design team have come up with some ingenious devices to allow even the most severely disabled patient to operate the call system.

Who will carry out the training for our staff on the new Nursecall system?

Training is carried out by our own expert engineers, who are all DBS checked and covers all aspects of running and maintaining your new Nursecall system.

What level of help will I receive when calling the technical helpline?

This helpline is manned by Medicare’s own trained engineers and will assist you with any queries you have on installation, troubleshooting, advice and guidance.

When can we receive technical support?

Our free technical helpline is available for all customers 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

What call buttons can be included on the pendants?

The pendants are built for a single call button to make a nurse call alert as straightforward as possible in various care home situations, whether residential or non-residential. This can be programmed to either call, assistance or emergency.

Are wireless nurse call systems and products new?

Radio wireless nurse call systems are now commonplace in both NHS and Private hospitals.

Do Medicare Nurse call systems have a warranty period?

All products manufactured by Medicare are covered for 12 months from date of installation subject to our standard terms and conditions.

Where are Medicare’s Nurse call systems used?

Medicare’s Wireless Nursecall system is used nationwide in Private and NHS hospitals, as well as nursing homes, care homes and other facilities, catering for many environments.

How long does it take for new or replacement parts to be delivered?

Normally orders for parts received before 12pm are dispatched the same day by overnight courier. However Saturday deliveries may be subject to a surcharge by the courier company.

Medicare can provide backup systems to ensure no downtime is experienced as a result of any breakages.

As specialists in radio technology we specialise in providing systems to all types of care facilities regardless of size and structure. Our specialist team will carry out all the required checks to give you total peace of mind.

In free air the signal will travel up to 1km. By using signal boosting equipment we can provide full coverage for any size care facility, even care villages and large hospitals.