Frequently Asked Questions - Why is Wireless Nursecall Different?

Do Medicare’s wireless Nursecall systems allow people to move around outside?

Mobility is one of the key benefits of a wireless Nursecall system. Pendants have been built with portability in mind. With an easy push button and built in reset it is ideal for vulnerable residents or those in garden locations.

Where are calls from the room units displayed?

Room units send wireless signals to both display panels and pagers to alert staff who are located anywhere in the facility

Can the wireless radio signals from Medicare's Nursecall system interfere with other wireless equipment?

Medicare’s radio nurse call system has been installed in many nursing homes. The system has been subjected to thorough emissions testing and is proven safe to use with absolutely no interference to other equipment

What is the wireless range of the system?

In free air the signal can travel up to 1km. By using signal boosting equipment we can provide full coverage for any size care facility, even care villages and large hospitals.