Frequently Asked Questions - Call Points

Can accessory devices be plugged in to the call points

Bedroom units include two sockets, one for the pear-push lead and a second for auxiliary items.

How does Medicare’s equipment contribute to infection control?

Luminescent labels for both the call point and pear-push leads (handset) have Microban© embedded , so the most well-used part of the devices provide protection against bacteria.

What are pear push leads used for?

Pear push leads are sealed and extendable lead has an easy touch button ideal for residents with limited movement or strength. They come in a single-button version for patient calls, and a two-button version that operates the patient’s bedside light.

Are door contacts made for interior or exterior use?

Both. This neat, slimline unit provides door security inside and outside of buildings, depending on the setup you are looking for and your access plans.

How easy are the call buttons to use for people with poor eyesight?

Raised call buttons have been specifically used to assist patients with poor eyesight and enable them to locate the nurse call button effectively.

How do the Call Point Pear Push leads enable mobility around the care home?

Coiled, white, telephone-style leads easily extends and retracts to enable people to move around with a call point. They can also be made in various lengths to suit your requirements.

How easily can people trigger the Nursecall system?

Pear push leads feature luminescent labels for easy identification at night, and a pillow clip that allows the lead to be attached to bed linen or clothing for easy access.

Are Medicare Systems Call Point units robust?

Our call points are housed in unique, elegant enclosures made in the UK and built to withstand the toughest care environments.