Frequently Asked Questions - How is the Medicare HTM Series specialised for Hospitals?

What information can be shown on display panels?

Displays can be easily programmed to show a bay and bed number, different information to match the names in your hospital and more detailed individual information specific to your needs.

How are HTM displays colour-coded?

Panels and lights are colour coded to meet HTM guidelines such as standard calls (amber), emergency calls (red) and cardiac (blue) etc.

Is the system suitable for HDU’s in hospitals?

Where swift response is vital we supply a range of call points including single button, emergency and cardiac as required by HTM standards, so Medicare are able to provide the most suitable solution for HDU and other hospital emergency units.

Medicare’s radio nurse call system has been installed in many hospitals. The system has been subjected to thorough emissions testing and is proven safe to use with absolutely no interference to other equipment.