Frequently Asked Questions - Installation Logistics

How are call points installed?

Call points are mounted on wall brackets and can be moved if required for safe, easy operation, or secured using a locking clip.

Do Medicare Nursecall systems need a lot of space?

Medicare wireless Nursecall systems reduce the amount of space needed. Display panels can be wall mounted to avoid the need for desk space.

How do over door lights work?

These require a 12v power supply but are wirelessly controlled by the call point.

My home has really thick stone walls will it work?

As specialists in radio technology we specialise in providing systems to all types of care facilities regardless of size and structure. Our specialist team will carry out all the required checks to give you total peace of mind.

Will I need to redecorate after the system is installed?

As the nurse call system is wireless there is no need to redecorate as a result of the nurse call system being installed.

During installation is there much disruption for residents and staff?

As there are no wires, no fundamental changes are needed to the building and very little manual labour is required. As such there is minimal disruption for either residents or staff.

How long will it take to install a Medicare System?

Most of our nurse call systems are installed within one day, however because there are no wires to install many of our systems are installed much quicker than this.